Eco carpets Tretford

Round, square, rectangular or in your desired shape, Tretford's eco-friendly carpets are available with or without borders in a variety of colours. You have the freedom to choose your own individual eco-friendly design for your favourite place at home, in a childcare centre, hotel, shop or office. Thanks to their natural materials, consisting of cashmere goat hair, the carpets give warmth and unique comfort.

To make a price inquiry, please follow these steps:
1. Open the designer on our Tretford partners page.
2. Select the configuration you like.
3. Save your selected and created project/design.
4. The moment you click on the SAVE button, you will be shown two options. Please select Send link as email.
5. Then you will have the opportunity to send the design you like by email. Add recipient address
6. Send us the saved design/project.
7. Once we receive your desired configuration, we will work with Tretford to prepare a delivery quote for you.

Individual eco designer!

Palette of all natural colours


Tretford's rugs are made in a revolutionary way from cashmere goat wool. Its unique characteristics are due to its layer of fat, which acts as a natural shield against dirt while making the carpets easy to maintain. The special fibre structure of cashmere goat wool allows you to have highly radiant colours on your carpet.

Cashmere goat hair is among the finest quality fabrics available in the world and is noticeably finer than the finest sheep's wool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to manufacturing factors it is not possible to produce Tretford carpets wider than 2m. The advantage of this width is that the rolls of carpet can be transported more easily up stairs, for example.

Before installing carpet in a cellar or basement-type room, make sure the floor is absolutely dry, flat and free of any grease or dust. It is important to add a moisture barrier before laying carpet in damp areas to prevent the carpet from warping.

The tretford carpets have a jute or fleece backing depending on the size of the carpet. Depending on the flooring, we recommend you use it with a non-slip backing for your own safety.