Combined insulation of thermal hemp and jute Thermo Hanf®

Hemp fibre insulation board for external and internal use on houses and buildings.

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Изолация от коноп и юта Thermo Hanf
Combined insulation of thermal hemp and jute Thermo Hanf®


By adding recycled support fibres, the combined insulation of thermal hemp and jute becomes a versatile building material that not only meets European requirements, but even exceeds them in some cases.
Suitable for placing between wooden beams as well as in hollow spaces. It can be used as internal insulation for ceilings or roofs, for example insulation under a load-bearing structure or suspended ceiling. It can also be placed as cavity insulation on external and internal walls in timber construction and similar structures.


No harmful substances, extremely durable, excellent moisture behavior, very good protection against heat and cold, fire protection with soda, good sound insulation.
Composed of 58% hemp fiber, 29% recycled jute fiber, 9% PET-based polymer support fiber, 4% soda as fire protection.

THERMO HANF® COMBI JUTE flexible insulating mats combine the highest quality fibers from annual renewable raw materials with fire protection that is impeccable in terms of building biology.


Our hemp insulation mats are absolutely harmless to health - they can be used without protective clothing and without respiratory protection.


Nominal value of thermal conductivity: λD (W/mK) 0.039

Fire behaviour (test according to EN ISO 11925-2: 2010): B2, class E (according to EN13501-1: 2007)

Disposal: Waste Code (EWC) 170604


Wooden dimensions 1,2m * 58cm, in wooden construction on stand.

Format for dry construction 1,2 m * 62,5 cm for metal walls.

Large format 1.2m*84cm insulation between joists and ceiling joists, little waste.