Lining clay plaster Caminota

Minimum thickness of 5 mm, maximum up to 25 mm, which can also be applied by only one layer. Can be applied on mineral foundations, clay bricks, aerated concrete, concrete, wood, straw panels.

BGN 26.00 price for a package of 25 kg, covering 2 m² with a layer thickness of 1.5 cm when applied with both hands.
BGN 13.00 price for 1m²

Transport is not included in the price!

Хастарна глинена мазилка Caminota, глина
Lining clay plaster Caminota



Ideal for both new buildings and renovations. The plaster is extremely easy to work with, it sticks very well to different surfaces and protects against mold.

The Caminota system is certified for both brick and BCA masonry. In this way, Caminota combines the performance of modern technologies and the advantages of natural materials. This creates a wonderful symbiosis. The clay plaster is stored and transported in a bag, only needing to be mixed with water on site. This is all that is needed before the plastering itself.


Clay, mixed sand 0-2 mm, straw fibers and lignocellulosic fibers.