OLI-NATURA professional oil

High solidst oil without solvents for professional treatment of solid wood floors, wooden stairs and furniture. Available in colorless and colored variant.

  • Professional quality: 100% high solid impregnation oil on a natural oil basis for maximum saturation of the wood with just one application
  • Solvent-free, fast hardening in colorless and colored version
  • Penetrates deep into pores, creates breathable, water-repellent and dirt-repellent natural oil surfaces that are long-lasting
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • For untreated, oiled or newly sanded wood species with open pores, especially suitable for wooden floors
  • Can optionally be applied with OLI-NATURA HS hardener to accelerate the curing process
  • Ö10+, TRGS-compliant, DIBT-certified, LFGB-certified (food safe), suitable for children's toys, saliva and sweat resistant

BGN 95.00 price for 1 liter

Available in Natural color, for other colors please ask!

OLI-NATURA professional oil



The solvent-free and environmentally friendly High-Solid-Oil of the last generation protects wooden surfaces with first-class quality. The 100% solids content ensures maximum wood saturation and high yield with just one application of oil. Ideal for the basic treatment of untreated and freshly sanded wooden floors, stairs and furniture. Simply apply and buff by hand with a pad or buffing machine - done. The wood is protected inside and its natural colour and grain are deepened. The important breathability remains and the water repellent effect protects against moisture and dirt. The robust natural oil surface is naturally matt, easy to maintain and refresh.

The oil meets the highest German classification of Giscode Ö10+, is tested by the German Institute of Civil Engineering (DIBt), is LFGB certified (food safe) and meets all the criteria of Regulation (EC) No: 1935/2004. WITHOUT biocides, preservatives, cobalt and oximes. The solidified material is harmless to humans, animals and plants. Meets DIN EN 71-3 (toy safety), DIN 53160 (saliva and sweat resistance).

"OLI-NATURA HS Profiöl" in the "Natur" version (colorless) is not pigmented. However, the grain and color of the wood deepens. The degree of staining depends on the type of wood used.
The pigmented "OLI-NATURA HS Profiöl" is available in eleven colors ranging from polar white to various shades of gray to anthracite black, all of which can be mixed with each other. In this way, the user can also create his own colors. Blending with the natural shade is especially recommended if you want to achieve a less intense result.
The pigments preserve the structural appearance of the wood and give the surface a natural color. At the same time, the UV-stable color pigments help to counteract the natural color change of the wood for as long as possible.

Colors: Walnut, Smoked, Alaska Grey, Barrick, Polar White, Glacier Grey, Lime White, Natural (Clear), Teak, Tobacco, Wenge, Basalt.

Орех                                   Опушен                             Аляска сиво                 Барик

Полярно бяло               Ледниково сиво         Лайм бяло                      Натурално (безцветно)

Тик                                      Тютюн                             Венге                                 Базалт

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Recommendation for processing

Gently sand wooden surface, start with rough sanding, final sanding for furniture P180-240, for floors P100-150. Wood moisture: 8-12%. Surface must be dry, well cleaned and free of oil, wax, grease, silicone and sanding dust. Apply the material at room temperature and shake/stir well!

Furniture: Apply an even thin layer of oil with a brush in the direction of the grain.
Leave on and polish with a beige pad within 30 minutes. Remove excess oil with a cotton cloth or oil absorbent cloth. The surface should now be dry to the touch. Alternatively, the oil can also be sanded into the wood with a wet, fine sander.

Bottom: Apply an even thin layer of oil with an oil roller or flat brush. Work in sections between 5 and 15 m². Leave on and polish with a beige pad by hand or with a machine polisher for 60-90 minutes until the wood is saturated and dry to the touch. For a final polish and to remove excess oil, polish with an oil absorbent cloth or polishing pad.

Consumption: 1 layer depending on the absorbency of the wood 20-40 g / m² per layer (20-25 m² / l)

Drying: Depending on the humidity/temperature, the surface is dry after 1-2 hours and completely hardens after 2-3 days. During this time, keep away from water. Drying/consumption depends on the type and absorbency of the wood.

Expiration Date: At least 36 months in unopened original packaging.

Notes: Oil-soaked towels, pads or wood dust may spontaneously ignite due to heat build-up, so please clean immediately after use or store under water.

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