Interior paint

Have you ever wondered why there has been a major spike in allergies, asthma attacks, and many other illnesses over the past few decades?

Wood coatings

Natural oil-based wood coatings provide warmth and coziness in your home and guarantee a long life for the furniture and environmental sustainability without harmful emissions.

Natural insulation

It has been proven that an effective heat-insulating coating saves a large part of the space heating costs.

Clay plasters

One does not need to be an ecologist or an architect to know that cement and building plaster are not natural materials, as they are produced by the expenditure of a huge amount of energy.

Lime plasters

Natural lime plasters that control humidity and keep the room breathing.

Ecological design

The natural feeling in your home or workplace creates not only aesthetics and comfort, but also contributes to more favorable and healthy conditions in your living environment.