Dobromir Mashev

Technical consultant


As a person strongly connected with nature, I feel the need to be close to it and have visited many beautiful places on our earth. I got to know the ways of building with natural materials on four continents in order to get closer to the forgotten Bulgarian craftsmanship. To feel the earth beneath your feet and build a home on it makes me feel alive.

Alexander Sabev

Sales and Marketing

Quality life

One spirit, one body, one purpose! The balance between the things I do in my daily life and the way I do them is the meaning of my life. To build something that will be remembered for a long time and leave its positive mark, that is my goal. One improves while living, but the path to perfection is much more important than perfection itself, because that is who I am.

Valentin Mashev

Finance and IT


Every house needs foundations, every program needs a programmer. The future is built on the present, and on the knowledge and experience gained in the past. Using old knowledge and building on the possibilities of new technologies, each element finds its place in the general matrix. The balance between eras and knowledge is the basis of sustainable progress.

Our values