About Sevarex

We are Sevarex, the pioneer in ecological construction in Bulgaria. We have set a new standard by introducing the concept of fully ecological and sustainable construction and renovation in Bulgaria. Read more about us here.

What sets Sevarex apart?

  • Unique expertise

    At Sevarex, we have a team of experienced and certified specialists. Our basis is construction geo-biology and a detailed understanding of the physico-chemical properties of dry construction mixes. Our team will prepare your individual project depending on your needs.
    By better understanding the laws of nature, we apply them in our construction practice in harmony with our surroundings and with future generations in mind.

    Construction geo-biology analyzes the living environment according to 25 criteria that cover the entire construction process from its beginning and consider it as continuity for generations. These criteria are summarized in the following 5 categories:
    – Ecological and social living environment.
    – Environment, energy and water.
    – Architecture and spatial design.
    – Building materials and interior design.
    – Indoor micro-climate of the premises.

  • Quality control

    We are with you during the whole process:
    – We prepare you an individual project for repair or construction, recommending the materials you need.
    - We deliver the selected materials to your desired location within 3 working days, we keep everything in stock in the country.
    – And most importantly, we monitor the correct use, application and installation of our materials. This is how we guarantee quality performance.

  • Product portfolio

    We offer the entire spectrum of the necessary ecological materials for repair and construction. Our materials are suitable for home, office, kindergartens, educational and medical facilities. All the materials we offer have the necessary environmental certificates, which guarantee high quality, innovation and sustainability. Explore our different categories.

The product categories