Mineral pigment Decoton Rusty Sun

Natural yellow mineral colour.

Минерален пигмен Decoton Rusty Sun
Mineral pigment Decoton Rusty Sun


Inspired by the sun and yellow trees in late autumn. Warm yellow to orange sun rays will fill your room with light. Rusty Sun's unique effects provide a bright mood.

Ideal for creating interior designs without biocides, preservatives, solvents, plasticizers and odor. Quick and easy application, saving time. Suitable for allergy sufferers.


Combines with FARNOVO (dry, water-soluble wall paint).
All colors from the Decoton range are toxicologically safe, UV resistant, extremely strong, light and weather resistant. They are made of iron oxide, which is why they always have a constant color and are created on the basis of purely synthetic rust.