External straw insulation VestaEco Protect

The ideal external heat and sound insulation for house walls. The strength of the panel allows installation without using additional OSB boards.

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External straw insulation VestaEco Protect


Provides a stable base for mineral and clay plasters, guaranteed easy installation and high quality of the product. Insulation to quickly and effectively eliminate heat loss on flat roofs, walls and ceilings. Thanks to the high thermal capacity you get protection against cold in winter and heat in summer.


VestaEco Protect is an ecological product made from natural straw-based raw materials. A vapour permeable material that regulates the indoor microclimate. Environmentally friendly production thanks to the use of the innovative and patent protected DefibraTech 1.0 technology

Available formats

Format Thickness/mm Number/pallet m2/pallet Weight/m2 Weight per pallet
800×1200 40 50 48,00 7,20 346
800×1200 60 33 31,68 10,80 342
800×1200 80 25 24,00 14,40 346
800×1200 120 17 16,32 21,60 353

Technical parameters

Parameter Value
Density about 180 kg/m3
Thermal transmittance λD 0,048 W/(m*K)
Heat capacity C 2100 J/(kg*K)
Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient µ 5
Kretardant water absorption <1 kg/m2
Compressive strength 60 kPa
Fire class E
Composition Lignocellulosic fibers, PMDI adhesive
The material is manufactured in accordance with standard PN-EN 13171