Clay glue and reinforcing solution

Clay adhesive (reinforcing mortar) serves as an intermediate layer for reinforcing or bonding clay boards and fibreboard panels for internal insulation.

72.80lv. price for 1 bag 25kg.

Transport is not included in the price!

Глинено лепило CLAYTEC 25кг. за по-добър контакт на глинена мазилка и дървени плоскости
Clay glue and reinforcing solution



The special solution consists of well selected clay minerals and cellulose additives. This guarantees the best processing even in the finest constructions. With a high compressive strength of 3.9MPa and a bonding coefficient of 0.85MPa, the reinforcing mortar ensures the strength of the entire structure.

The adhesive is in the form of a fine-grained mixture suitable for bonding lightweight construction and interior insulation boards on various mineral substrates. Use as a reinforcing mortar is recommended for reinforcing the surface of clay building boards, hemp boards, insulation and wood fibre boards etc.


Sand up to 1.0 mm, clay and loam, talc, vegetable fibre and cellulose.
Form of delivery:
Bag - 25kg (you get 17l. of mortar for 5m2),
Pale - 48 bags
Indefinite storage in a cool, dry place is possible.

Mortar preparation
Gradually stir the 25kg dry mix into 8-9l of clean water with a drill (≥ 800W) and/or spiral stirrer for dry mixes (Ø 125mm). For self-adhesive mortar, the amount of water added is slightly less. The paste-like consistency is worked according to the desired application with a notched trowel or spatula.

After the mixture is mixed well for about 2-3 minutes, it should be left to rest for 15 to 30 minutes. Another short stirring follows and the solution is ready.