Lining clay plaster with straw 30mm

Clay straw plaster is used as a single-coat or multi-coat finish indoors. The plaster has outstanding insulating and moisture-regulating properties.

697.00lv. price for 1 ton Big-Bag, covering 40 m² at a layer thickness of 1.5 cm. when applied with two hands
17.46lv. price per 1m²

Transport is not included in the price!

Хастарна глинена мазилка със слама Claytec
Lining clay plaster with straw 30mm



Ideal fit for building/renovation work as well as restorations of old houses. The material is suitable for application on uneven masonry, for insulating and renovating the wall surface. Up to 35 mm can be applied at a time. The material is easy to handle, adheres quickly, can be applied to ceilings, is suitable for filling gaps and is used as a base for all other finishing work.


Natural building clay up to 5 mm, mixed grain sand 0-2 mm.
Grain group, grain size according to DIN 0/4, <8 mm. Barley straw fibres up to 30 mm.



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