Cane mat

Underlay for plaster on walls and ceilings - for clay plaster indoors and for lime plaster outdoors. For stabilising levelling plasters. As a permanent formwork for light clay walls and interior sheathing.

BGN 90.00 price per roll covering 10m². Width 2m (stem length), roll length 5m.
BGN 9.00 price for 1m²

Transport is not included in the price!

Cane mat



Store in a dry and ventilated place (not under foil). Keep away from moisture and condensation during transportation and storage.
The stems can be cut with rose shears. Parts with stem lengths below 30cm are unstable and difficult to handle.
Fixing to the base (wooden beams) is done with galvanized nails or better with galvanized staples. When laying roofs or sloping ceilings, the length of the bracket should be at least 25mm, for walls at least 16mm. The distance between the brackets is 15-20cm in all directions.
Fastening should be done in such a way that the continuous, thicker main conductor is on the room side (room side). The stems are stapled to the substrate and thus the plaster is held in place long term. To stabilise thick layers of clay plaster, the cane mat is embedded in the first layer of plaster that is still damp and fixed, if necessary, to the roof or ceiling. Another roll can then be installed, rotated 90°, thus aiming at a higher class of thermal insulation and making the clay structure lighter.
Further processing:
Clay or lime plaster is applied without pre-wetting with a not very hard solution.
Note: quality control and reduction of microorganisms such as spores and bacteria in the material is done by traditionally known methods used in agriculture - drying, ventilated storage after harvesting, visual inspection before processing.
Compliance and specific values cannot be guaranteed as the product is 100% natural. Reeds are typically used as a base for clay or lime plasters that are not exposed to fire.


The mat is made from natural reed stalks, using only sturdy straws. Approximately 60 stalks per meter. Binding approximately every 20 cm.